A key objective has been to foster long-term partnership commitments through transfer of knowledge, skills, capital, and technology.

Is the process that brings together sellers and buyers or potential partners. It aims at assisting in matching enterprises in the developed with companies in the developing world. It also aims to build business partnerships that strengthen the partner companies and the local business community. A key objective has been to foster long-term partnership commitments through transfer of knowledge, skills, capital, and technology.



1. The Development Cooperation Matchmaking facility of Dutch Embassy

  1. The Development Cooperation Matchmaking facility of Dutch Embassy is “marketed” through respective Dutch embassies. It invites local companies to be put in touch with Dutch businesses.The Match-Making Facility (MMF) is a matchmaking programme that aims to establish a structural, long-term business relationship between an entrepreneur from a developing country and a Dutch entrepreneur. This business relationship could potentially result in an export or import business opportunity or an application for a Public/Private Partnership (PPP). As part of the process, the foreign company visits a number of prospective Dutch partnership candidates in order to find the best match.

For whom?

Entrepreneurs from developing countries and upcoming markets who are looking for a business partner are qualified to get this type of service.

If you have specific questions in this field, please contact the secretariat of in the Netherlands.

How to apply?

The essential prerequisite for a successful application is an accurate, honest and complete intake form. This should include a clear description of the profile, role and expected contribution of prospective Dutch partners.

You should submit the intake form to the Matchmaking Facility in the Netherlands Embassy to

Assessment of your request

MMF together with the Netherlands embassy in Tanzania will then assess your request. If the outcome of the assessment of your Matchmaking application is positive we will start assisting you in identifying suitable Dutch potential business partner(s).

Looking for Dutch partners

After approval and on behalf of the Matchmaking Facility, a selected Dutch expert with relevant expertise in your sector will then look for suitable Dutch companies or partners on your behalf.

Assistance by a consultant

When a possible match has been identified, you can come to the Netherlands and meet the potential partners. You will have to carry the costs for the travel expenses to the Netherlands and accommodation costs here.

The Matchmaking Facility reimburses the costs of the Dutch expert, who will also organize the programme of your visit and assist you during the meetings.

For More Information Contact the Embassy


Umoja House, 4th floor

Garden Avenue

Dar es Salaam

Phone:+255 22 219 40 00

Fax:+255 22 211 00 44

2. The Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project run by the German technical cooperation agency, GTZ (GesellschaftfürTechnischeZusammenarbeit)

For more information contact German Embassy in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Umoja House

Mirambo Street/Garden Ave., 2nd Floor

P.O. Box 95 41



Telephone:(+255) 22-211 74 09-15

Fax:(+255) 22 211 29 44


Office Hours Head of Mission:EgonKochanke, Ambassador

3. The DANIDA Private Sector Development

The DANIDA Private Sector Development (PSD) programme of the Danish aid agency

The Danida Business Partnerships (DBP) Programme under the DANIDA umbrella supports long term commercially viable partnerships between Tanzanian and Danish companies. From August 2011 the former Business-to-Business (B2B) and Innovative Partnerships for Development (IPD) Programmes were replaced by the DBP programme.Project ideas may originate from either Tanzanian companies having a need for teaming up with a foreign technology partner or from a Danish partner seeing new business opportunities in the East African region.


Who can apply?

There are, in principle, no sector specific limitations, but the DBP Programme support will be directed towards those projects and partnerships yielding the biggest developmental benefits. Project ideas having a regional focus in supporting the economic integration in East Africa will have a particular priority.

What can you apply for?

The DBP Programme can support the establishment and realisation of partnerships through grants for:

  • Partner identification and match making of companies

  • Study visits

  • Preparatory analysis and studies

  • Testing out the business model

  • Transfer of know-how

  • Technical assistance, training and management support

  • Export promotion

  • Improvement of working condition

  • Improvement of internal and external environmental measures

For more information, contact Royal Danish EmbassyRepresentative

Albert Nkinda

DANIDA Business Partnerships Programme Coordinator

Ghana Avenue

P.O. Box 9171

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

+255 (22) 216520

General Office hours

Monday – Thursday 8-16

Friday 8-13

Tanzania-South Africa Joint Business Forum

The Tanzania Business community is today (11 May) holding a business forum with counterparts from South Africa to discuss various trade opportunities offered by the two countries.

The one day meeting is taking place at Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) with the theme ‘Advancing trade and investment co-operation in pursuit of mutual development and prosperity.

Read below a programme for the event

Tanzania – South Africa Business Forum