DSE Turn over decreases by Sh30 billion

Turnover at Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange decreased significantly last week as activities slowed at the bourse.

Weekly report released by Zan Securities reveals that equity market closed last week with a turnover of Tshs 2.99 billion, which is a major decrease compared to Tshs 32.50 billion posted the preceding week.

Top trading equities that dominated the market share last week were Tanzania Breweries Ltd (TBL) at 96.06 percent, followed by CRDB Bank PLC at 2.38 percent.

Similarly, there were no top gainers or top losers this week as price per share for our domestic equities remained constant for two consecutive weeks.

Total market capitalization decreased by 2.93 percent, closing this weekat Tshs 20.86billion. Domestic market capitalizationremained constant for two consecutive weeks, closing at Tshs 8.13 billion.

Comparatively, key benchmark indices were in thegreen and redterritory to close off this month. The Tanzania Share Index (TSI) capped at 3,869.57points, the same at the preceding week. The All Share Index (DSEI) closed at 2,395.10 points, downby 2.92 percent compared to last week.

Similarly, the three sector indicesalso remained constant for two consecutive weeks. Industrial & Allied closed at 4,985.29 points, Banks, Finance and Investment Index experiencedclosed at2,773.55 points and Commercial Services Sectorclosed at 3,534.64 points, the same as last week.

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