Dear Members of the Business Community,

The East African Community Business & Investment Forum (EAC-BIF) is a key annual business event with an aim of promoting business flow, trade, and investments between Sweden and East Africa. The EAC-BIF is organized by Embassies from the East African Community (EAC) accredited to the Kingdom of Sweden in partnership with the Swedish-East Africa Chamber of Commerce (SWEACC) and others.

Since 2012, the EAC-BIF aims to promote business flow, trade and investments between Sweden, other Nordic countries and the East African Community. The successive forums give opportunities for Business to Business (B2B), Government to Government (G2G) and Government to Business (G2B) meetings to develop new, meaningful and sustainable technological exchange, trade and investment partnerships between the business communities in Sweden, other Nordic countries and the EAC region. The Business Forum continues to generate forward-looking insights into the quest for new pathways and engines for global growth and transformation.

Today, East Africa together with her neighbors offers a market that targets approx. 500 million consumers for Swedish goods and services. Focus within the sustainable business in East Africa is renewable energy, waste management and waste to energy, water purification (Blue Economy) and sustainable urban planning. Many companies in Sweden are in the front line in terms of innovation and technologies that could meet the demand that exists in East Africa.

The last East Africa Business and Investment Forum 2019 was held in Stockholm in March 2019. The year before, East Africa Business and Investment Forum 2018 was organized in collaboration with the Rwanda Business community in Kigali, Rwanda 2018.
This year, the 2020 forum is taking place at the Dar es Salaam Serena Hotel, Tanzania under the theme of “Green Solutions in Cities”, with the following focus areas: –
• Waste to Energy
• Water and Sanitation
• Green Transport

Green Solutions in Cities is an area of great importance worldwide, chiefly in the EAC countries, where in recent years, there has been a fast rate of urbanization that has demanded efficient solutions to remedy the deficiencies brought in the health, security and environment domain (sector). Sweden has always had a strong business sector capable of offering sustainable financial solutions, encourage collaboration and healthy competition among businesses (rather than rivalry) & dynamic enough to match the global business trends while being environmentally conscious.

The choice of subject has been agreed upon as a follow-up post the conference held in 2019 in Sweden i.e. EAC-BIF2019 after common discussions between the embassies and SWEACC with the conviction that the subject will attract the attention of many players within the sector and serve as a platform for further collaboration among stakeholders in the Global Community.

As mentioned previously, the theme is Green Cities in East Africa that aims to attract sustainable business opportunities in East Africa. We will arrange special breakout sessions focusing on:-
•Arrange special breakout sessions that will focus on Waste to Energy, Water and Sanitation and Green Transport consultations.
•Set up a platform that will promote discussions on both actual business and skill-based training and simulations in every break out session.
•Organize a large delegation visiting from East Africa to meet Swedish Companies to discuss sustainable business (B2B session)

With this information, the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) is glad to invite ALL PEOPLE FROM THE PRIVATE SECTOR IN TANZANIA AND EA to participate in this strategic EAST AFRICA BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT FORUM 2020.

•Registration fees for participants are USD 50 equivalent to TZS 100,000.00 per person.
•YOU CAN REGISTER AND PAY DIRECT through the event website www.sweacc.se/eac-forum or
•REGISTER THROUGH LOCAL REGISTRATION LINK https://goo.gl/forms/QP5jgFWvuVNUkbF42 PLEASE FILL IN REGISTRATION FORM and pay registration fees through TPSF – TZS A/C 0151027043907

For more details about the event please visit www.sweacc.se/eac-forum and for any further inquiries please contact TPSF +255 (0) 784 323068 OR +255 (0) 739 939 149 and email address: events@tpsftz.org.

We thank you in advance and look forward to your participation.

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