Kigoma Business Owners Receive Entrepreneurship Training

Business owners and entrepreneurs engaged in discussion groups during practical sessions of the training

Kigoma – MSMEs from Kigoma and nearby areas have been urged to mobilize resources and generate viable business ideas which are expected to improve their living standard.
Speaking at the inaugural training workshop organized by the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Kigoma-Ujiji Municipal Director Hon. Yuda Thadeus Mboya urged attendees to work together with the government and the private sector to  grow Kigoma’s Economic Base. “The government understands the contribution of small scale  business owners and traders to the growth  our national Economy”. Adding that, the government was willing to support  entrepreneurial efforts, but also expects entrepreneurs to mobilize resources found in their areas to generate innovative viable business ventures.
Hon. Yuda Thadeus Mboya proceeded to identify key economic activities in Kigoma, which ranged from fishing, farming & agriculture especially palm oil production and all derivative of products, to carpentry. “We are glad that  the Private Sector has selected Kigoma among the areas, to conduct MSMEs workshop”. “I am also informed that participants here at today’s workshop have been carefully selected and are expected to return and empower fellow entrepreneurs”. “I would like to extend my gratitude to TPSF and wish all participants a successful workshop”, with this last statement the training workshop was officially launched.
Business owners and entrepreneurs invited to the workshop training were recruited with assistance from the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (TCCIA) based in Kigoma. Present at the opening of the workshop was the regional TCCIA Chairman Mr. Ramadhani A. Gange who was impressed with the large turn up and also called for further cooperation between TPSF and TCCIA to empower entrepreneurs.
This is the second training workshop of its kind conducted by TPSF and FSDT following the launch of it’s MSMEs Information portal in early March this year. The first training workshop was conducted in Geita region in early September and TPSF is set to have two more workshops lined up for the coming year. The workshops are meant to increase the knowledge base of MSMEs and build on their capacity to start and grow their business enterprises. Present at the Kigoma training workshop, Mr. Celestine Mkama,  the Project Manager from TPSF said ” Past studies conducted indicated that a majority of the small-sized enterprises lack skills to develop their businesses and this is the reason for these training programs, aimed at building their capacity to operate their businesses in a formal manner and buffer them from any challenges that they might encounter”.
Among some of the major topics taught to MSMEs were the importance of record keeping, proper financial management, Costing & pricing, and Marketing. The training workshop also brought stakeholders from NMB to explain to the MSMEs on different products and services tailored for them. Officials from TRA were also present addressing on matters of compliance to Tax regulations facing small businesses in the country.

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