Tanzania Businesses urged to work closely with Counterparts in Namibia

Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) held talks with the government of the Republic of Namibia on different ways that can see businesses between Tanzania and Namibia linked.

Namibia’s High Commissioner and Permanent Representative to UNEP and Habitat Her Excellence Theresia Samaria expressed Namibians’ desire to work with Tanzania through joint ventures on different business projects during her visit to TPSF’s offices.

speaking at TPSF house Ms Samaria said that businesses in Namibia are eager to come work with counterparts in Tanzania but the problem remains lack of information on how the two can be linked.

“Namibia has a very well developed fishing and livestock sector. We believe that by working together the two countries can exchange skills on the areas which will in turn see Tanzania fishing and livestock sector transformed,” said Ms Samaria.

She welcomed Tanzania businesses interested to visit Namibia to learn and obtain experience to do so through her embassy.

“My Embassy will do the required support to enable Tanzania businesses visit Namibia. I believe that if they visit Namibia physically they will lean many useful things and opportunities available in Namibia.”

Despite the fact that Tanzania is the second largest cattle herder in Africa, the country is not among top exporters of meat and related products like milk and skin, Namibia however is among the top African countries exporting meat to Europe.

“I will be very happy to see Tanzania businesses visiting Namibia and learn how this is done, meeting European standards is not an easy task. We are currently penetrating the Chinese market,” said Ms Samaria.

surprisingly, even as the total population of Republic of Namibia is about half of the population of Dar es Salaam, Namibia is far away in terms of export as compared to Tanzania.

on his part TPSF Director of membership Louis Accaro said that TPSF will help link local businesses with Namibia.”Expect to host business delegates soon, we will disseminate this information to our members, we believe they will start visiting you for more information sooner,” said Mr Accaro

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