Tanzanians face tough times ahead

It has been normal for Rainfall to pounder many parts of the country starting October. But this season is different.

Farmers in many parts of the country have never seen rain downing this season posing a serious threat to food production in the region this year.

If you move across the country you will find that crops have already been “irreversibly” damaged by drought.

The situation is worsened by latest figures from the central bank which reveals that the country has as low as 90,476 tons of food stock.

Figures from the Bank of Tanzania reveals that stock of food held by the National Food Reserve Agency  (NFRA)  as  at the  end October  2016 increased  to 90,476.2  tonnes from 86,545.5tonnes  recorded  at  the end  of  September 2016

The  food  stock  comprised  90,416.7  tonnes  of maize, 39.6 tonnes of paddy and 19.9 tonnes of sorghum.

“To stabilize food prices and meet food demand  by  public  entities 2,003.6  tonnes  of maize were sold during the month; out of which 1,445.7 tonnes were sold to the private traders, 338 tonnes to prisons and 220 tonnes to Disaster Relief   Coordination   Unit under the   Prime  Minister’s Office. In  the  same  month a total of 5,934.4 tonnes were purchased by the National Food  Reserve  Agency  (NFRA)  to replenish the national food stock. 

Tanzanians therefore need get prepared of tough times ahead. When there is no rain it means farmers will have no or little yields, hence no enough crops for consumption and for commerce. This will affect purchasing power hence affect everyone of us particularly the economy.

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